eFrexx - The independent platform for transport services

Find with eFrexx
the best transport service provider
for your demand

Why eFrexx?

Your individual Call-for-Bids Platform

You will have no effort!
We provide you with an individual call-for-bids platform for sea, air and land freight in your CI with your URL


High Savings on Freight Charges

Large reduction of your freight costs using auctions  (Open, Ranked, Covered) with potential transport providers

In 24h online up and running

Just book it – in 24h your individual platform will be up and running in your CI

Volume dependent or Flat Rate

Monthly fee (flat rate) or select a volume based payment for using  eFrexx

Cloud based software

Just make international call-for-bids in the cloud for sea, air and land transport services  – Find the best transport provider for your requirements


No investment needed

No investment – eFrexx provides you with software, consulting, training and infrastructure


Search for transport providers with the required qualification for your demand in our database

Closed Community

Determine who sees your call-for-bids. You decide whicht transport provider takes part in your auction

Less Effort

You want to reduce your effort for preparing call-for-bids? Use templates, rules and standards offered by eFrexx

Quality of Data

Templates and standards provide a high data qualitiy in your call-for-bids – result is a high response in bids

You want more information?

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What offers eFrexx for my business?

  • Get better transport services
  • Reduce your freight costs
  • Reduce your effort in the call-for-bid process
  • Take your benefit in using our additional modules

Pricing of eFrexx

  • Monthly flat rate
  • Or volume based
  • Decreasing fees with increasing transport volume

How can I use eFrexx?

  • Set up an appointment with us. Give us a call or use the form on this page
  • Test eFrexx for 30 days without any risk
  • 30 days’ notice

Spot or Contracting/Tender

  • Project based call-for-bids with eFrexx
  • Or long-term contracts with qualified transport providers
  • Combination od sea,air and land transports