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Our Customer: Liebherr in Ehingen, Germany

Liebherr is well known, if you are interested in cranes and excavators. Nearly everybody of us has seen one of these machines in action.
In Juliy2020 one of Europe’s largest mobile cranes has lifted in a spectacular action a bridge as connection between the old and the new building of the miniature wonderland in Hamburg, the world largest model railroad layout.


eFrexx is used around the world

Founded in 2019 and one year on the market eFrexx is used by our customers in many countries worldwide for the procurement of transport services for sea, air and land freight.
Now with Singapore another country in Asia was added. After implementing our solution in Europe (i.e. Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Great Britain) and USA the next step is the expansion to Asia. We prefer a franchise model, where companies establish the brand eFrexx in their home countries.


Order entries in Engineering Industry diminished heavily

The order entry in the first half of 2020 have diminished around 16%, compared to the same period last year for the German engineering industry, said the VDMA (Organisation of engineering companies in Germany) last week. The reduction of orders from outside Germany was exceptionally.
The reason is not only the corona crisis, but also the trade dispute. The comparison is difficult, because the last year was extraordinarily good.