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At least some good news about transportation in the pandemic

Obviously, the container handling in the sea harbours worldwide has reached a new all-time high. The German RWI and the institute for sea trade and logistics published an increase of the index to 119.7 points in September 2020.

This increase has its reason in the backlog of transports depending on the lockdown. Goods that couldn’t be carried are now transported during the last weeks.


Tenders or Contract Inquiries are nearly impossible at the moment

Our customers and prospects are facing a severe problem in the last weeks and months for shippers. Due to the corona pandemic, it is not possible to do long-term tender or inquiries for transports.

Because of the volatile freight rates, conditions for longer lasting contracts are not negotiable. Shippers are experiencing that forwarders intentional refuse the participation in a tender, because an acceptation of a freight rate could bring them in economic difficulties in the future.


eFrexx takes part in the Northrhine-Westphalia-Event for small and midsized companies with focus on Italy

Friday last week efrexx was one of the participants of this virtual event of the AHK Italy. During this well prepared event we had already several interesting meetings with potential prospects as franchisee in Italy. Again, many thanks for the team of the AHK Italy for the excellent preparation of this event.