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Your Advantages

Show your competence with your profile

Present the shippers your expertise in a detailed profile. They are looking for quality.

Use eFrexx as your marketing tool.


Get the call-for-bids that fit in your business

eFrexx offers the  perfect match between your profile and the call-for-bids.

Don’t miss a call-for-bids that is relevant for your business.

Get better Call-for-Bids

eFrexx offers a better data qualitiy in call-for-bids.

Reduce your effort and costs for handling of call-for-bids.

Take advantage of the technology

No hardware or software investments. eFrexx offers software, infrastructure and can be integrated in your IT environment.

Use the support of our software

Reduce the effort for handling of call-for-bids by using the eFrexx templates and forms.

Flexible usage

eFrexx offers profiles for any demand – from “business card” to a detailed profile.

Profiles can be updated and extended at anytime. they can be cancelled on a monthly base.

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