Transport costs are going through the roof - contracting is a problem for shippers

We think, we can provide shippers with a solution. Because of the volatile prices for transports it is difficult for shippers to negotiate long-term contracts with the transport providers.

The last months showed fast increasing prices for sea and air transport. The Suez-Canal Fiasco and the container shortage made the situation even worse. No provider would guarantee that the prices we have now in April will be the same in August or December.

So, how could any shipper make a reliable planning for a longer period with fixed freight rates, when his transport providers cannot give dependable rates for a year or even longer time periods.

In order to save costs, our customers are changing from contracting into spot inquiries using eFrexx as platform. Even in times of higher prices they are saving transport and process costs in significant height.

If you want to know how they get the best out of the actual situation and how they benefit with eFrexx in the future, contact us.