Container freight rates have almost quadrupled

Currently, the rates for a 40 foot container on the China – Europe route are around $ 9,000, as opposed to $ 2,000 from November 2020, as the Financial Times reported on January 19, 2021. The reason is simple – there are too few containers for too much goods. In addition, the shipping companies have redirected ship capacities to the Pacific routes.

So if a shipper has containers, the ships for the transport are missing. Rail transport from China is hardly an alternative either. Customers who have tested both routes mention a time advantage of a few days for rail transport at even higher costs.
Another problem that we have already pointed out is the sudden price fluctuations for contracts / tenders. No transport company can make reliable commitments over a period of 12 months or even longer.

This is precisely why an electronic tender for transports via eFrexx is important for shipper and importers. Both in the spot and in contracts / tenders, our customers can secure important price advantages in terms of transport costs.