Integration Strategy of eFrexx with 3rd-Party Applications

Even if eFrexx is a benefit for shippers to reduce their transportation costs as a stand-alone solution, it is necessary to provide our customers and prospects with a strategy for a seamless integration in existing IT infrastructures like applications, databases and their technology stack.

Based on our REST-Technology we decided to look for best-of-breed integration platforms in the market. We think, that we don’t need to reinvent the wheel and develop our own solution when it comes to integration with 3rd-party applications.

The integration platforms, that we are looking at, are already well-known in IT and have a proven state-of-art connectors to most market leaders in business applications, but also to more exotic solutions that are strong in niche markets.

We are planning some pilot implementations as proof of concept. If some of our customers or prospects are interested in integration with their ERP- or TMS-Systems, you are welcome to participate. Please contact us for more details.