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Kelvion Group take eFrexx as worldwide platform for transport tender and inquiries

Kelvion, market leader in technology for industrial heat exchangers, emerged from the heat exchange division of the former GEA and looks back on a 100-year-history. The international company decided to take eFrexx as tender platform for transport services for all subsidiaries and plants worldwide.

After intensive tests with several plants, also from the US, France and the Czech Republic, eFrexx is glad to announce a long-lasting agreement with the Kelvion Group. This agreement includes already the subsidiaries and plants that will join the platform in the coming months.

As always for our customers, each subsidiary gets an own portal in its own design. The already connected plants already started with verve with their tenders and inquiries for transport services.

We are sure that Kelvion will have the same success in reducing their freight costs by using eFrexx as our other customers.