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First „Birthday“ of eFrexx

eFrexx was founded nearly a year ago and we are looking back on 12 busy and eventful year. Registered in July 2019 we are sure still a start-up, but our track record in logistics started more than 20 years ago.

And shortly after our formation of a our company we provided our first customers with their individual tender platforms. The experience of our customers showed that the cutting of transport costs was higher than expected.
Even during the Corona-Crisis and the resulting decrease of transport capacities our customers used the advantages of our eFrexx platform to get beneficial freight rates.

The first year is nearly over. Just look forward what happens next. Our roadmap for the development of new modules and software products is well prepared and our developers are “starting their engines”.
Because we don’t want our prospects wait too long, we offer a gift for all new customers of eFrexx in July and August an additional month at no charge.

Better decide fast. Give us a call or write us a mail in order to reduce your transport costs already in the first two months at no charge.

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