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Should a shipper ask his forwarders, if eSourcing of transport services is a good idea?

A prospect told us lately in a meeting: “eSourcing of transport services wouldn’t be good for his company, his forwarder said.”

(Ironic mode = on, or should I say sarcastic) That was absolutely surprising for us. Of course, the forwarder wants only the best for his customer. He always made the best prices and his company is named “Mother-Teresa Inc.”

Beside that a competition between several forwarders for the best price or the best quality is nothing to think about for a shipper, who wants to reduce costs. (sarcastic mode = off).

We completely understand that the forwarder wants to get the best rates, But the shipper wants the best transport with fair conditions.

That is the reason that publishing an inquiry or tender on your shipper portal in eFrexx is a fair business.

  • The shipper publishes an inquiry or tender

  • He invites the forwarders of his choice

  • Several forwarders are in a competition

  • The forwarders know their position in a ranking

  • They can improve their offer

  • After the end of the inquiry or tender the shipper selects the winner

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