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eFrexx is used around the world

Founded in 2019 and one year on the market eFrexx is used by our customers in many countries worldwide for the procurement of transport services for sea, air and land freight.

Now with Singapore another country in Asia was added. After implementing our solution in Europe (i.e. Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Great Britain) and USA the next step is the expansion to Asia. We prefer a franchise model, where companies establish the brand eFrexx in their home countries.
It’s a good feeling to see in our monitoring when the request for quotations are starting early in the morning, passing to Europe during the day and finally ending in the US. Running 24/7 with excellent performance and stability of our software makes our team really proud.

If you want to know, how eFrexx can help you to reduce your transport costs, send us a note or mail. We would be glad to show you.