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eFrexx takes part in the virtual fair for midsized companies organized by the AHK Italy

On Oct, 29th, 2020 the German-Italian Chamber of Commerce (AHK Italy) hosts a virtual fair to bring Italian and German companies in contact.

eFrexx is one of the participants aiming to find franchisees in Italy.

With a trade volume of more than 127 billion Euro in 2019 Germany is the most important trade partner for Italy. And Italy is 5th rank of trade partners to Germany.”, the AHK informed the participants of the event.

The Chamber of Commerce helps companies which are looking for partners in Italy. With a “matching process”, that was made as preparation of the event, potential partners were identified and contacted. During the event several 1:1 meetings are planned and supported by interpreters.

The preparation of the event was very professional and the Chamber of Commerce did a excellent job. We are looking forward to this event. We will report our experiences. In November will be a similar event together with the Geman-American Chamber of Commerce in New York.