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Impact of the shortfall of belly freight on freight rates in air transport

The corona crisis stopped aviation nearly completely. The reduction of passenger flights had also large impact on air freight. Nearly 50% of all air freight was transported with passenger planes, because their net of destinations is larger and the flight frequency is higher.
In Corona times with a limited offer of flights the transport costs are much higher. The costs can be three times higher than the normal freight rates.

Smaller airports are the winners of the crisis. Frankfurt-Hahn, Leipzig/Halle and Cologne could not only compensate the loss due to their specialisation; they were able to expand the share of air transportation.
The restart of passenger flights removes the tension on the business, but yet only in the European area. Since June around 160 destinations in 60 countries can be reached.

Companies that have to transport goods via air, should reckon with the smaller airports and use eFrexx for eSourcing of transport services to reduce costs. The transport providers are in a competition and the advantage is on the side of the shipper.