Start your business with eFrexx within days

and get a monthly raising and recurring income by helping

industry and retail reducing their freight costs

What is eFrexx?

eFrexx is an independent order platform for transportation services for sea, air and land transport. Our cloud solution provides companies with individualized tender platforms to reduce their freight costs considerably.


eFrexx represents strategic e-sourcing in logistics for sea, air and land transport worldwide

Spot & Contracting

eFrexx provides individual logistics portals for shippers for their digital transport tenders

Closed Community

Considering to price, performance and quality, our customers can tender with the vendors they have pre-selected

Support for your business

Your consultants support your customers and their vendors in creation and processing their tenders

We provide the data centre

We host and maintain the customer portals on our servers with highest available security standards

No investment for infrastructure

There is no need for any further software or infrastructure. The customer portals are up and running in 24h

Your Chance

As franchisee you will provide these platforms to customers in your country and you charge them on a monthly base for this service. Each customer will raise your income.

The success of your business in your hands

Find customers in industries, wholesale and retail and generate a fast-growing revenue. To make it easier to start, we provide you with:

Start your business without headaches

Building up a business can be daunting. We offer you a start-up telemarketing campaign to get you running. The campaign will give you first leads and appointments to work on. Our international references will show your prospects who has already benefits of using eFrexx.

Start from your home. Most of the business is digital and no dedicated office is needed. As infrastructure you need a phone and a laptop – everything else you need is part of our franchise package:


If you are logistics consultant or a person with sound expertise and experience in logistics who wants to own a business that makes the difference for your customer, we would be glad to hear from you.

If you would like to have control over your income and to be a part of the eFrexx family give us a call and ask for additional information.

A short sales process helps you to find customers

Use the standard offers or find individual terms and conditions. Get your revenue by invoicing on a monthly base.

Updated News


Transport costs are going through the roof - contracting is a problem for shippers


Dieter Strehlau joined eFrexx as Manager Business Development for France


eFrexx will be active in France